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Additionally, you should have a plan for how the new income you earn will be utilized. «Once you start earning extra income, don’t just see it as money for discretionary spending,» she said. «You should invest that money in something that will generate future income for you.»


Business income can be very high, especially if you’re running it. The key is to create something of value that people will want to use. Online Stockbrokers like Robinhood will guide you with their vast knowledge, so you can wisely invest your hard-earned dollars.

Build and sell spreadsheets

I won’t say that creating a passive income product is always easy, or that you’ll instantly make $100,000. But what I can promise you is that I’ll show you how to create a multi-income stream business that helps you build wealth, offers you freedom, and feels meaningful. That’s because I feel these 3 pillars make multi-income streams successful in the long term. By approaching your revenue streams with your values and purpose first, you’ll be better able to connect what lights you up to the wealth and freedom you want to create. The seven primary income streams are earned income, business income, interest income, dividend income, rental income, capital gains income, and royalties income. These income types are collectively both active income and passive income as well.

  • However, it will likely be less work than a day job would require.
  • With websites like Contently,,, and LinkedIn ProFinder, you can create an online profile and bid on new jobs as they are posted.
  • These people are willing to play the multiple streams of income game because it’s the logical next step.
  • Building multiple streams of income isn’t the right path for everyone.
  • “I was worried about diluting my ability and my reputation as a photographer, but I finally embraced the idea of generating income in more than one way,» he said.

You can set your own hours, make money and help people who are in need of someone with your skill set. You can begin by researching viral or hot-selling products online that have been heavily discounted during sales such as Black Friday. Then, relist them for sale at a higher price on an online marketplace.

Selling Digital Products

Using a mind map lets you connect different how to create multiple streams of income stream ideas to your main business concept. Start with your main business concept in the middle, then draw spokes that connect to boxes with broad income stream ideas that interest you. You can continue branching out to list specific activities and ideas that might work for you. If you can’t figure out how you can make more money from home, evaluate your interests, talents, and resources so you can brainstorm ways to use them to make extra money. In addition, the brainstorming process makes it easy to get many ideas out at once that you can revisit later if necessary.


With HyreCar, you can elect to rent out your own car to people who are looking to use your car to make money with Uber and/or Lyft. If you live in an area that’s very popular, then you probably have a higher chance of earning more money than if you lived in the middle of the countryside. Typically, you can make between $20 to $50 per month, per paid survey platform… and that’s why I have a trick up my sleeve. Instead, you will have the chance to make a meaningful and lasting contribution to a local community’s businesses.

The Importance of Having Multiple Sources of Income

Not only is the property itself expensive, but you have to pay for a vast amount of legal, maintenance, insurance and related costs that many first time investors don’t anticipate. As with all high risk investments, proceed carefully and only with money you can afford to lose. When we talk about multiple streams of income, a second job is the natural place to start.

How can I make $1000 a month passively?

  1. Start a YouTube Channel.
  2. Start a Membership Website.
  3. Write a Book.
  4. Create a Lead Gen Website for Service Businesses.
  5. Join the Amazon Affiliate Program.
  6. Market a Niche Affiliate Opportunity.
  7. Create an Online Course.
  8. Invest in Real Estate.

A lot of people also use Fiverr to build their initial client base, then move on to create their own digital business from there. While I always suggest investing for the long haul, some low-risk investments come with higher returns than you might expect. Lending Club, for example, has repeatedly helped me earn returns of 10% or more. Prosper is another company that lets you invest cash into loans and earn a hefty payout over time. People who are entrepreneurial, high-energy, and need a lot of stimuli to stay interested often do well with multiple income streams. But that doesn’t mean everyone should aim for multiple income streams.

Side Hustle Ideas To Make Money Fast In 2023

I got my start as a teenager selling on eBay using the arbitrage method. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced seller, arbitrage is one of the easiest ways to get started with e-commerce. The one 1 investment that I thought about was Arrived homes. The amount of money you have too put in too make dividends is too much for the average blue collar workers. I want to make money from paid surveys and investing in small businesses through

  • The easiest way to make extra cash is by using stuff you already have.
  • Just remember that you are taking steps toward financial freedom, and your hard work will pay off.
  • Almost all freelancers, for example, operate a small business even if they have never formally incorporated.
  • Shareholders in companies with dividend-yielding stocks receive a payment at regular intervals from the company.
  • Two of the most popular options are the solo 401 and the SEP IRA. If you stash the cash in a traditional 401 or SEP IRA, you can take a tax break on this year’s taxes.

Forget everything you’ve read about multiple streams of income. Discover a simple 3 step process to succeed with multiple streams of income. Some brokers even offer automatic dividend reinvestment that save up dividends and purchase new shares of the stock when possible. With the foundation of a good website, you can build traffic that you can then convert into revenue sources later on.

The money you earn from working for an employer or working in a business every day is a form of active income. In fact, often starting your own business doesn’t even look like starting a business anymore. Almost all freelancers, for example, operate a small business even if they have never formally incorporated. Anyone selling on Etsy, writing a blog or running a YouTube channel is operating his or her own business. It can be an enormously satisfying way of making some extra money on the side, and – who knows? – if it takes off the business may even become your full-time job.

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